compass showing emobility

riding my bike

of course, this decision is entirely my choice

most mornings I would rise early, with a relaxed peaceful and beautiful bike right around Coal Harbour and into Stanley Park

Sunset on the Beach

watching the geese, the stunning morning sunrise and the amazing scenery was a daily refreshment for me

but this all changed over the last few years

quiet calm slow has been regularly interrupted by fast sudden scary

a new breed is in town

this new breed is allowed to mix in with my once quiet calm slow

these beasts appear suddenly right beside me on the bike paths, silently blasting inches from my legs at speeds over 30 km/h or more, accelerating much faster than my maximum abilities sending my heart and breath instantly into a panic

on several occasions these beasts would come directly towards me on my side of the pathway at their excessive speeds weaving past other bikes and at the very last minute weaving back into their own half, with no helmets, no effort at all, propelled effortlessly forward by their heavier battery packs, just missing me, again leaving me heavy-hearted

my sensitively to risks and danger has decided to give up my once loved quiet calm slow

so sad

embrace the change

fast sudden scary has just as many rights as quiet calm slow



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