how many signs are there

Clients often inquire about the what I think the most common reason for failing a road test. I consistently highlight the significance of avoiding speeding in a 30 zone.Many individuals then acknowledge the importance, noting they need to pay attention to those white 30 signs.

This approach is akin to the ANSWER method I encountered while traveling in Asia, where teachers provided answers, and students memorized or guessed the ANSWER. If you’re seeking a straightforward tip to pass the driving test, it’s as simple as observing 30 speed signs. That’s it—now you’re equipped to drive and pass. YIPPEE THE ANSWER! SO EASY! I GOT IT! You are a great trainer Cooper!

However, I find this an overly simplistic and impractical way to learn. One sign, one tip is not sufficient. Let’s delve deeper.

QUESTION: What habit aids drivers in spotting 30 signs?

LIFE LONG ANSWER: It’s the habit of reading ALL the signs, including road markings. Failing to do so is where many falter.

Read ALL THE SIGNS, EVERY SINGLE ONE, INCLUDING ROAD MARKINGS, every time you drive. Every client I’ve guided in adopting this approach has expressed excitement, realizing how beneficial it is for their driving. Imagine that!

Now, let’s challenge your thinking a bit more. How many road signs do you think exist in total in the realm of driving? SOURCED FROM BC GOVERNMENT HERE.

How many signs are you familiar with?

How many does your driving instructor know?

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how many signs are there

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