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Dealing with anxiety, stress and fear related to driving is the majority of my clients. Most have worked with previous trainers and schools before finding me. Dealing with higher energy while driving is a big challenge.

Half of my clients are licensed drivers, and half are new drivers, some with zero driving experience.

New Drivers are preparing for an L-Test, and the Seasoned Drivers are preparing for the N-Test.

The Seasoned Drivers, N-Test group, comprises three different populations, 5, 5L and 7. All three are preparing for the same N-Test, where the ICBC examiners expect you to have driven in Canada, the Canada way, for at least 3 years.

5More than a quarter of my clientele are fully licensed and trained and have passed both L-Test  and N-Test. Most do not like driving and struggle with anxiety, stress and fear.5LMany new-to-Canada drivers, who may have driven for many years in their home country, need to pass the second-level N-Test Some have restrictions on their license to give them time to practice before attempting the final test. Requiring a fully licensed co-pilot over 25 is the most common restriction I have seen. 7This is the N-Test driver whom passed the first  L-Test  a year or more past, and is back to pass the final N-Test.


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