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I just got home after a driving lesson with a client I trained 3 years ago when I first arrived in Vancouver. I was with another school at the time but now they have 2 years of driving and are ready to attempt that big final second N test.

What did they show me today? P.S. Their test is tomorrow morning.

The first 10 minutes were fast, very fast.

The last 50 minutes were calm. precise. controlled and assertive.

We worked on producing two lists:


which may go against the test standards

  • two hands
  • speeding
  • sudden stops deceleration
  • tailgating – less than 2 seconds not good
  • stop closer than 2 meters in stopped traffic
  • rolling stops


items that need to be present throughout the test

  • 360 scans
  • signal all parking lot moves
  • parallel park – go slow not fast
  • don’t bang the curb, gentle touch
  • do not drive two wheels over solid white lines when entering turn lanes
  • left turns don’t go to the centre of the intersection, turn before the center

Overall this driver maintained most of the training received two years ago with blind spots always in place a strong visual scanning habit and very assertive car control and car movement. The biggest change needed was to slow down and decelerate earlier to give rear traffic lots of time to react to the change. Also adding more space when moving as well as when stopping. Space to see and space to escape if needed.

Best of Luck tomorrow!

A little about our lead instructor COOPER

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