rear ender

Big vision produces big help in keeping clear of conflicts.

Seeing the chain of events early allows you to remove yourself from the chain, often breaking the chain, preventing the collision or allowing you to not be there as the chain crashes into the event.

A car ahead of you turns right into the gas station on the right side of the road. Your eyes watch their taillights as you slow down and time the car’s departure from your lane, calculating when it will clear your path so that you can continue forward.

But suddenly they stop dead. You are forced to slam on your brakes just as the truck behind you smashes into your rear bumper.

This is a common event for many drivers who use a 3 to 5 car lengths ahead scanning habit.

But you have a 15 plus car length scanning habit which also includes scanning 15 lengths ahead of the cars ahead of you – or you could say, scanning for the chain of events.


The gas station was packed full. The car ahead was never going to fit into the parking lot because of bumper to bumper traffic. Seeing this chain of cars forced the car ahead of you to stop in your lane. Simple to see if you use a 15+ car length ahead scanning habit.

This is just one kind of chain of events. There are many more!

Keep your eyes open.

Keep learning.


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