head smashed into dash of car showing internal stress inside the body
GO SEE ICBC’s DISCUSSION OF THIS CRASH CAR A – 100% AT FAULT CAR B – 0% 174 yielding right […]
head smashed into dash of car showing internal stress inside the body
Car A 100% at Fault go see example one here go see example two here GO SEE ICBC’s DISCUSSION OF […]
Many clients I meet face fear during their driving lessons. Fear is a healthy part of driving and has its […]
https://www.reuters.com/business/autos-transportation/french-transport-minister-says-not-worried-about-tesla-after-paris-car-accident-2021-12-15/ https://www.tesladeaths.com/
One of the largest financial payouts insurance companies cover is read-end collisions. I believe it’s one of the most brutal […]
Entering the intersection the head-on car is directly in front of us continues to turn blocking our path. We are […]
Both are spoken regularly in driver education as being important. Emergency braking and fast reactions. I can’t entirely agree with […]
rear ender
Big vision produces big help in keeping clear of conflicts. Seeing the chain of events early allows you to remove […]
…the ultimate answer is here…. Wa this taught to you in Drive Education Class?
You are driving on a straight road with parked cars to your right. It’s busy, many cars some hard to […]
Two-lane traffic. Parked cars on both sides of the road. There is a yellow line between us and the head-on […]
The car ahead swerved and avoided the hit. @:008 The driver ahead SLOWS down @007 and SWERVES @008 right before […]

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