The new driver locked their eyes onto the head-on traffic, trying to calculate to see if they would indeed stop.

Because of this, they missed seeing their green light change to yellow, missing their moment to complete their move and finish their left turn.

The intersecting traffic on our left and right on their red lights, were watching us for the last minute or more as we waited to turn on our green.

We didn’t move when we should have moved.

And here come the red lighters, now on their green aiming directly at our side doors!

Yes, we are totally in the middle of the intersection directly in front of them.

The green light drivers moving quickly at us getting as close as they can, trying to force us, using fear, to get the heck out of the way.

The Teacher In All of Us.

Even though one must not enter an intersection when it is not clear to do so, nor should one get close to any driver that seems obviously confused! However The Teacher In All of Us seems to suddenly appear, often with their buddy, Blow The Horn As Loud As Possible!

Gosh! It’s not like we are a dirving school or somethin!


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