The trends I watch developing over the last few years strongly suggest that driver education must prepare new drivers for […]
World Report On Road Traffic Injury Prevention 217 pages. A worldwide perspective on cars crashing and prevention. “Nearly everywhere, the […]
Come drive complex busy congested short blocks confusing road designs busy bikers and lots of pedestrians. My extensive training in […]
ORDER When I grew up driving cars, several decades ago, vehicles & trucks drove on the roadways, pedestrians stayed on […]
CHECK OUT THE VANCOUVER CITY WEBSITE Peel your eyes! You thought bike lanes and odd pedestrians on the roads were […]
“If you turn right here, its faster.” “You could have made that light you know.” “You don’t need to drive […]
Remember the huge areas around your car that you cannot see. Its must must bigger near transports. STAY AWAY!
Over 50km/h must you move to right lane on a multi lane road. Important for Class 5 Tests on the […]
The act of dooring is when a driver or passenger opens a car door unsafely into the path of oncoming […]
READ MORE AT MINISTRY OF TRANSPORT BC Looking far ahead is a great safety practice one that w all should […]
pull out your driving journal sit down immediately and write a list of essential things you need to focus on […]
Vision is the utmost most important element in driving. Know where objects are and ensure you can see everything close […]
it is the law so follow the rules of the road its part of everyday driving and part of passing […]
I wake up. I stretch. My cat stretches. We both gasp walk to the balcony and admire the morning sun. […]
Driving School Tips seem to be in demand with many clients asking me for the secrets to passing. Sadly I […]

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