Look at the tire on your car and tell me how much of the tire touches the ground?

Four handprints are all you have to completely control your 2200kg car!

Are you kidding me?

For maximum car control and maximum safety I do the following:

  • each morning walk around the car looking at the balance of the car and tires
  • regularly pluck small stones out of the treads of my tires
  • visually check the tire wear to ensure even wear, if not go to my mechanic
  • track the mileage to ensure tire rotation at exactly the proper manufacturing recommended rotation
  • listen to the sound of my tires when we drive close to fences or walls to to hear if it sounds are normal (normal meaning the same as all the previous listenings)
  • track the total mileage of the tire to make sure I purchase new ones LONG before the end of life is recommended. Safety for me is far more important than pennies saved.
  • I teach every client how to feel the touch of the tires on curbs to learn that yes you can feel the tire and that yes you can climb things bigger than you thought, carefully.
  • Also, did you know that each tire has a MAXIMUM SPEED rating which should not be surpassed?

Of all the car control elements needed to drive safely tire health is the top of my list.


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