Northern Ontario with Snow halfway up the front door of my mom’s home.

Every winter, we would travel to ski hills in the area and drive drive drive.

In time I learned to love the snow and yet be very cautious of other drivers.

News Headlines flood the TV with Ice and Snow, Causing 450 Car Crashes! Just search online for Traffic Accidents over the last few weeks. Huge Numbers

Cooper, I am a little hesitant to drive in these dire conditions.

But later, after a few drives in the snow and learning to measure the traction, no more fear. And lots more respect for the power of mother nature.

Knowledge eliminates fear.

Measuring all the changes in colour and texture of the road surface while driving is the critical secret to managing ugly weather.

I call it the Slide 1 to 10 Scale.

Slide 1 to 10 Scale

The car just slid right off the road.

It was black ice, and I couldn’t see that it was slippery.

NOT knowing is NOT the answer here.

You must KNOW the traction, the grip those slides 1 to 10 numbers long before you SLIDE.

Come learn how to fall in love with snowy, slippery roads.

Come learn how, as one of my clients drove their driving test in the middle of a blizzard and passed just two days ago.

Yes, fear the unknown.

But come and love the known.

Knowing is the answer here.

You must know.

“Cooper, I have never heard this 1 to 10 ground ranking system before!” says a recent client.

“Yeah, I hear that a lot.” Cooper

You must know.

This information is provided to every driver following a driving test pass or fail. Everyone walks away with these five keys in print, provided by your ICBC examiner.


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