I got the reading of the signs the lines and I understand all the right of ways, greens and reds.

I got control of the car and I know where all four tires are and where all four corners of my car are.

I got the parking pretty much handled. I don’t really like to park but when I force myself to remain calm I can park.

The highways are ok too but I do not really like the higher speeds but I can do it.

Downtown driving is also ok. I won’t go there unless it is quieter times, non-rush hour times. And yes I can also handle downtown now.

Ugly slushy slippery snow, water, ice is not fun at all but now that we drove in it a couple of times I can also do it. But I really don’t like doing it.

So now I have done all the areas of driving, many times, and I generally understand and can perform properly most all the areas.

But I do not do everything correctly all the time.

Yes, I have done most everything correctly many times and I understand each area pretty well.

But I still don’t do everything correctly all the time.


Graduated Licensing was invented to STOP the DEATH of new drivers.

Graduated licensing forces you to take TWO or more years Three years of driving experience BEFORE you are fully allowed to drive on your own.





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