PLUS, I SUGGEST… Never sign anything. Never deposit money. Never agree to anything while standing in the salesman’s location. Never agree to anything on the phone or by email or text. Never wait more than 3 minutes for anything. ( Time is the greatest of all tactics to keep you controlled. ) ALWAYS have a certified mechanic check out the […]
Buy your own car now. Many clients, after struggling for several months trying every possible way to get enough hours behind the wheel decided to buy their own car as a solution. Insurance ($120.00 per month.) Used Car $7000.00 Instamek $200.00 AFTER WHICH every friend who has a license that visits, goes out, and drives. […]
News & Latest Posts I Need To Practice But Do Not Have A Car? Buy your own car now. Read more This Sign Failed My Class 5 Test Read more I Just Failed my Third Driving Test in North Vancouver. 1st time …2nd time …3rd time … Read more ICBC Recommends 60 hours Practice is […]
Mixed Road Users I grew up with Elmer The Safety Elephant knowing that cars are big steel and fast and I must get out of the way and pay careful notice of all things car, to survive. This was ingrained into me at a very young age. Fear it was. In Asia, everything can be […]
Often partners of my new drivers suggest that it’s important to have a very high degree of skill with the car including the mechanics and how the car works. Modern cars are designed to make it easy to drive, minimal knowledge required. But once you hit the legal roads with signs rules laws bylaws and […]
I stood listening to the students in China speak the English word ‘dog.’ A few students spoke it instantly without hesitation. Most stood there for a moment, rolling their eyes as if to look deep inside of their brains searching for the right word, and eventually, comes out the word ‘dog.’ We then discovered a […]
We all accept various risks; sports, stocks, card games, walking, riding bikes, surfing and sky diving. Ride a bicycle with no brakes. Walk on an icy road with no winter boots. Leave the house in a winter storm with no winter jacket. Walk to the store to buy food but forget to check for your […]

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