Mixed Road Users

I grew up with Elmer The Safety Elephant knowing that cars are big steel and fast and I must get out of the way and pay careful notice of all things car, to survive. This was ingrained into me at a very young age. Fear it was.

In Asia, everything can be found in the same space including cars, trucks, motorbikes, people, chickens, ducks, cows and children. This mix is a deadly thing compared to sidewalks versus highways, where I grew up.

Recently trends of remixing have returned to my home country with the explosion of cyclists, scooters and pedestrian rights all exploding into a more international mixed road users type of strategy. I predict the trends of higher injuries for the non-driver population will continue.

Police Do Not Chase You

In Asia, cameras are everywhere. Occasionally the police will set up roadside traps and stop every vehicle. But both the cameras and roadside stops have one simple purpose. Pay Money. Errors arrive in the mail weeks or months after the incident.

In my home country fines plus loss of licenses plus court appearances plus legal battles plus police cars chasing you and the occasional camera. The ticket is given to you by an authorized person on the side of the road.

Money Money Money

Everything can be solved with money in Asia. Period. Most of the burden falls on the individual.

My home country involves more laws, authority, rules and small money. Most of the burden falls on society.

Richest & Biggest Rule

Blank Bentley or massive Transport both with very loud horns means GET OUT OF THE WAY. Period.

Other places equal is equal under the rules and laws however most of us are aware of the importance of keeping away from the heavy big trucks.

Safety Is In Your Own Hands

Asia falls more to the individual to keep safe with very odd road designs, potholes the size of a small house, manhole covers not covering the manhole! Dangerous roadway designs and an overall wild west approach to safety. Deal with it and do your best to survive.

My country has extensive road design, rules and an overall system of compliance with the majority of drivers complying and working together. More of a group perspective with a strong social agreement to conform. If one fails to conform to the extensive legal system can come at you as well, other drivers will quickly blow their horns at your non-compliance..

Driver Education

Near Zero in Asia. Money buys all aspects of licensing.

My country has many instructions and gateways you need to step through to manage near all aspects of driving related activities.

NOTE: This original post had a different name for Asia but due to the dangers of using certain country names today, it was replaced with Asia. Enjoy!


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