This concept car announced 8 years ago is planned for release in 2035. That’s more than 20 years of planning ahead of products and launches. What kind of big money is pushing this massive car market change? Driverless cars!



But what does the data say so far?

Car production is increasing in China with a projected GDP to surpass USA by 2030. NPR reported that they build 2 new coal plant per week!

china wealth surpass usa

Recently “Study shows Tesla owners have most car accidents”.

biggest winner china

Saved by the Driverless, fire the chauffeur, Rolls!

Electric is here to save EVERYTHING and solve all the problems in one final swoop!

Oh and they add a twist to their promises also. If you don’t believe it all, then doomsdays and the end of the planet will appear soon!!

More electric rolls coming…

UNBELIEVABLE! Maybe because it really is unbelievable!


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