This is the most popular question I hear during my Vancouver Driving Lessons. Transport Canada has published the fatal and injured numbers here for the year 2020. And 36,000,000 is the rough population of Canada for 2020.

According to this Transport Canada data, there were 1745 fatalities, 7868 serious injuries and 101,572 total injuries across Canada for 2020. This is .005%, .02% and .28% respectively. Or 1 in 20,630 chance for fatality. 1 in 4,575 chance for serious injury. And 1 in 354 chance for injury.

Relative to the total of Canada’s population the risk looks small.

But if you are the one involved in these smaller numbers, it can be disastrous. Hence a driving strategy of 100% awareness is the only one we teach during our driving lessons. We believe that a solid bundle of habits is your best defence when these rare events arise.



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