bike hits rock and man flys through the air

This British Columbia ICBC test can be tricky to grab for several reasons. For one, there are several hundred laws in the motor vehicle act, any one of which can catch you during your 40-minute road test.


Most of us do not know them all, and stumbling on one unknowingly can and does occur.


“I can fully concentrate for extended periods, 40+ minutes when driving, not break any law nor any safety practice, and keep myself calm and not distracted by the test pressure nor the unknown examiner. No matter the test result, my measurements of this 100% focus and a calm demeanour for the 40-minute test are my success! I, in turn, will let the examiner do their job and announce the pass or the fail.”

This is the attitude needed to attempt a driving test.

A driver who approaches the exam this way also knows precisely what the examiner writes down on the test sheet! Having this focus and ability allows the driver NOT to make errors.

This is how you know you are ready for a driving test.

Talking about the examiner and how terrible they were is an example of NOT being 100% focused on the driving task!

Quality driving lessons from a quality driver trainer can help you get there! Yes, you can find quality out there, but sometimes you need to dig deep thru the “&#%!@?!” to see it! Best of luck.


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