Some choose to believe…

  • Never allowing the thought ‘failure’ into your mind is exactly the same as the ‘failure’ never happening.
  • Brainwashing yourself to believe that there is only one possible outcome is the same as there is only one possible outcome.
  • Believing that a failure is not for you, brainwashes your brain into never being able to see the reality, the real outcomes of a situation.

What are the Benefits of failing an ICBC driving exam…

For many, the only way to gain a brief glimpse of the dark side of driving is to fail the driving test.

For many, the opportunity to learn from the failure is missed because they choose instead to BLAME.

  • The car was bad.
  • The instructor was bad. They never showed me the car control. Ok they showed once but that was not enough.
  • They failed to show the route.
  • Examiner didn’t like me.
  • Examiner gave me poor instructions or tricked me.
  • Instructor was poor.
  • Other cars were dangerous and caused me to fail.

Failure to see this reality can easily translate into ‘I am a good driver and the reality of a car crash is ZERO’ because I refuse to think about it, using the same ignorance and fear of failure to erase its possibility from my memory.

Brainwashing oneself into not seeing the true possibility of crashing, alters the relationship with your possibility of a collision, In fact, I say it increases the risk.

Positive Thinking. Realistic Thinking. Negative Thinking.

I suggest all thinking.


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