Restriction 21

corrective lenses required

Habits, the keys to safe driving.

My license requires that I wear corrective lenses, however, my lifelong habit to date has been, no-lenses.

Now, each time I grab a car I must place on my nose, in front of my eyes, a metal frame with two round glass circles.

This is a new habit.

This brings with it, a new set of learnings that must be mastered in order to work effectively.

Plus a learning curve, which takes time to master and includes several failures along the way.

  • The frames hurt my nose,
  • The frames press against the side of my head.
  • Dropping the glasses is not good, several times.
  • Cleaning requires cold water, soap and a soft cloth daily – often several times daily.
  • Sitting the glasses face down on a desk produces small scratches at the exact location my eyes look through.
  • Sitting on the glasses can crush them effectively terminating my ability to drive.
  • Hundreds of dollars for one pair which requires a second hundreds when I break them.
  • I need a second backup pair., another couple hundreds.
  • Then comes sunglasses – alas more hundreds.
  • Forgetting my glasses terminates my ability to drive.
  • A strong protective case works great but it looks stupid stuck in my back pocket.

Restriction 21

And my past, that no-lenses habit, twenty years strong, often wins effectively pressuring me to drive without those dam glasses.

No-lenses drop my ability to see by more than 50%! And this is dangerous. Very dangerous.

Old habits die hard.

Welcome to your new driver’s license.

Did you remember your glasses?


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