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Where do training groups send a client they cannot help?


Driving is an every moment changing task. Being aware of this constant risk is one of the most critical factors in managing effective decisions while driving. The worst person to judge your driving is yourself. The second worst judge is those people close to you.

Drive with me and hear a completely independent opinion on your driving risk level. $195 for the drive is worth it if it helps you increase your awareness in seeing a weakness in your risk management before a fender bender comes or a more serious error arises costing money, legal issues, or injury.

In my opinion, almost all risk errors in driving are the result of poor vision habits.

I have spent a lifetime in the industry of safety, road safety, corporate training, change management and awareness skills, to help manage driving risk.

In 1999 I was the senior assessor for the risk assessment research done by the Ergonomics Division of Transport Canada which resulted in it becoming illegal to talk on a cellular phone while driving. This was after a decade of owning my own Education Corporation specializing in corporate training and problem-solving for extreme driver issues.

Training companies who cannot solve problems with drivers send them to me.

I have done work for Transport Canada, Ottawa-Carlton Municipalities, Gloucester, Little World Assessment Services, Ontario Nurses Association, Ontario New Drivers, Brisson McIntosh Professional Training, Royal Training Centers, CSS Safety Services, Driver Competency Assessment Agency, & Orion Global Consulting Services.

i come from the crash research side of driving. I work hard to present a strategy of maximum actions to always fight for minimum risk while driving. 

Another interesting question is, where do I send a client that I cannot help?


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