“Gibberish! “

These are the owner’s words of the 6th group I worked with over the last few years here in B.C. Gibberish is a great word. It means they don’t understand what I say.

These words came from one of the biggest and fastest-growing schools in the region.

Quality is the sales words that come from their mouths during the sale. But that’s as far as the quality part goes.

Over five+ months my instruction vehicle interior was not cleaned even once, yet management repeatedly promised it. Out of pure shame for my students, I cleaned it every few weeks but never did a proper deep cleaning.

But I know this game well. Throughout my life, I have seen high-quality crashes headlong into low quality. Which one wins?

It seems to go one of two ways.

Either the system embraces the new information, the higher road, and the quality is carried right to the top of the services and, in turn, creates positive change throughout both the company and the client base.

Or it goes the other way and gets quickly labelled as gibberish!


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