US is our car, our bodies, our vision, our brain and the game board, specifically all the rules in this Game of Driving.

THEM are all the other road users, buses, trucks, cars, animals and everything that moves other than US.

A strong level of mastery must develop in the US before being exposed to THEM.

If we fail to build this US mastery first, serious faults develop.

Looking for THEM becomes a priority over the accurate US. This is a fault.

Daily we see drivers with low US struggling to manage, respond to THEM and flipping their car, colliding with others, losing control or driving through the front of store windows.

Attention on THEM steals the development time required to master the US, effectively, slowing down and even stopping achieving mastery of US.

Repeat attention on the THEM over time begins to erode the US more and more.

Responding or attempting to respond to THEM when US is underdeveloped results in awkward movements, hesitations that may keep you in danger or in fact cause danger or loss of control.

A great trainer, a great educator holds all of the THEM, leaving the new driver time to focus on the US long enough to achieve mastery BEFORE handing over the THEM management. This is critical to then build a strong balanced US/THEM awareness.

I strongly believe that the answer to keeping yourself out of trouble is a high mastery of US – a constant improvement of US in response to a vigilant visual reading of THEM. A strategy that is a constant fight to improve every day. One that starts to deteriorate the moment you stop being vigilant. TODD COOPER



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