This is a familiar statement from many driving schools and driver training groups. However, many of these schools are rarely seen outside the test areas. Hmmm. Words versus Deeds.

When I first entered the training industry, I was shocked at the list I was instructed to follow for each lesson with lesson ten, highway!

But what if the driver is not ready for it?

Do your job! Do you want to get paid? If you are a good trainer you will get them there on lesson 10!


Driving is a stacked set of skills, with the highest skill standing on top of the lower stages. Any weakness in the bottom group makes it impossible to perform the higher awareness skills.

Wanting to be that super-safe driver is a core factor in getting to the top! An attitude of being super safe is critical to achieving the top levels of safe driving.

But sadly, far too many think FEAR is not valuable in DRIVING.


Fear is the greatest teacher here. And her sister MISTAKES is the second greatest instructor.

Respect them.

Never forget them.

Listen to them.

Learn and change.


Worldwide, 3500 persons die a day because of cars.

Fear is good.

Wanting to be a super safe driver is my second biggest client group behind the largest group, those individuals who have experienced collisions or deal with great fears related to driving or are struggling to learn to drive.

Your super-safe approach unlocks my lifelong learning as I search for answers to What A Good Driver Is.

Being far better than average is wise when it comes to your driving.

I am very well trained. My training is always very emotional for me because each client represents the best friend I lost to my ignorance of the safety-related skills with driving! I am very motivated to help others avoid the trauma I lived through.

Come share a lifetime of study on What is a Safe Driver!

Come be that safe driving.

Come get the knowledge I wise my best friend had.

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