My best friend ran a stop sign partially covered by a tree at age 19. The dump truck nearly killed him as it smashed his 550cc motorbike into unrecognizable pieces.

He spent the next five years relearning to walk and talk.

We had been driving everything motorized since the age of 12. We thought we were good drivers! Where did we go wrong?

I soon discovered many shocking things most of us are totally blind to.

  1. the driver’s handbooks we learn from are not the actual rule book!
  2. the dark side of driving is hidden from us.
  3. the vast majority of us learn to be better than average by being lucky multiple times before we learn to stay back from trouble.
  4. anyone can enter the world of driving, skilled, not skilled, or oblivious to the risks.
  5. the illusion that the steel box with wheels protects you is instantly destroyed when you add speed twisting the steel like paper.
  6. talking or teaching the dark side of driving is considered taboo, unprofessional, and too traumatizing.
  7. most everyone who has crashed, been hurt, maimed or died did not plan to have this happen, but it happened.
  8. over half of those injured, maimed, or killed were innocent bystanders and NOT the driver!
  9. the driving environment is extremely forgiving, with the majority making way for the less skilled players. These unskilled drivers can drive unsafe for years, even decades, without getting into trouble.
  10. the number of years required to drive significantly above an average drive is unbelievably high, making it out of reach to most drivers. However, you are still spending these years driving WITHOUT IMPROVING!
  11. in this world of constant change, you are either improving every day or getting worse. There are only these two choices. Which one are you?
  12. the most widespread method of driving safely was invented 67 years ago, long before the invention of computers, cell phones, and GPS. Just think about that!
  13. following the pack, or going with the flow of average drivers, builds habits that, in the right situation, will produce a collision.

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