“But, but, but, I am terrified.” “But, but, but I do not feel ready!” Come try a better learning experience, […]
“I Hate Driving.” “The guy behind me is very angry at us.” “My space awareness is terrible. I can never […]
“Ying and Yang teaches immediate scanning of the areas opposite to the hazard. Hazard to the right you clear out […]
“Long visual scans to spot problems early and to communicate this to rear traffic is the best strategy to ensure […]
Paying attention to all other cars, pedestrians, and bikes is the topmost focus when driving. THEM Paying attention to your […]
October 3, 2021 client comes to drive with me to drive a car for the first time in their life. […]
Eye Care is Critical To Safe Driving Certainly, the most important part of your body for driving is your eyes. […]
Oh no! It’s a Student Driver right in front of us and they’re always driving so slow! Good driver vs […]

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