Entering the intersection the head-on car is directly in front of us continues to turn blocking our path. We are carrying enough speed to hit him pretty hard. They are clearly wrong and turning illegally, dangerously and against the law.

My new driver somehow cannot process this obvious error because my new driver sees his own green light and therefore cannot acknowledge that the car directly in front of us is wrong. Green means we must go!

Danger often produces a freeze, a frozen dead-still, with a full-body paralysis, seen often in nature as a defence against an attacker. Stop moving and maybe the lion will not notice us, preferring to chase someone else rushing away.

This freeze keeps the driver’s foot right on the gas pedal where it has been for the last 3 blocks.

I firmly and steadily engage my dual brake on the passenger’s side of my car and bring us to a stop in the intersection just far enough away to let the bad driver finish his turn and miss us.

Meanwhile, the gas is still on and my driver is still frozen in total confusion.

You can hear the engine roar against my holding it back, with the brake!

I gently release my brake and we continue on our way.

The driver had no idea what just happened.


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