Two-lane traffic. Parked cars on both sides of the road. There is a yellow line between us and the head-on traffic. It’s packed solid with busy traffic. All parking spots are full on both sides. It’s narrow and tight in all directions.

A car door on the opposing side of the road swings reaching open reaching 2 metres into the lane, about 10 cars ahead of you.

The opposing traffic flow is 60 km/h as is your lane.

The drivers coming towards you don’t have time to stop for the sudden opening of the parked car door.

The opposing driver swerves into our lane. The 6 cars ahead of us SLAM on their brakes.

You slam on yours as does the car to your rear plus 3 cars back of you.

When did you see this CHAIN of events?

When did you see the car door swing open?

Did you see it when the parked car opened the door?

Did you see it before the parked car opened the door?

Did you see it when the car ahead of you turns on its three brake lights?

Chain of Events

Choose when you JOIN the chain!


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