Positioning – keeping your car in the middle of your lane when moving straight, to the left when setting up a left, and to the right when going right.

Additionally, move to the left of your lane when some object is too close to the right side of your lane. And moving to the right when an object is breaching the left side of your lane. Parked cars to the right often are not tucked in tight to the curbs, and many jut out into your pathway. You must be able to adjust smoothly to these subtle changes.

It may require you to slow down, toot the horn or signal, blindspot, mirror and change lanes into the head-on lane to move around carefully. At times bigger trucks will place their wheels onto the center yellow line, or the box on a large truck will be very tight to the center yellow line. Here you must be able to smoothly and accurately move to accommodate this breach of your laneway.

Speed – keeping within the prescribed ranges of law and traffic flow and too fast for conditions.

On a street with a 50 km/h maximum under ideal conditions, your speed may vary for many reasons, such as sharp corners, hills, speed bumps or a parked car with people walking around the side of the car, or a delivery vehicle blocking your side of the road forcing you to go into the head-on lane to go around.

Many reasons occur to change the speeds such as hills and traffic lights. The driver must perform all of these speed changes accurately and smoothly.





Recently I worked with a client who is rushing to attempt a driving test without the suggested 60 hours minimum driving times. At the time of this writing, they are at 29 hours total driving time.

Surprisingly they are pretty much able to do most all driving manoeuvres, although not perfectly. But the current biggest struggle is SMOOTH POSITIONING AND SPEED. They are halfway through the recommended 60 hours of driving time.

And because of this lack of smooth controls, speed and positioning, which translates to the coordination of their foot, their eyes and their hands, they make several dangerous moves each time we drive.

This is a perfect example of the importance of learning and mastering the core two basic levels BEFORE you attempt to manage the third level called TRAFFIC.


I will keep you posted on their success.

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