Stopping a driver from moving my car into danger occurs dozens of times a week when teaching.

But having a driver suddenly yank the steering wheel hard left, at 50 km/h is a rare occurrence.

Today was one of those times.

While setting up a right turn the driver moved into the right-hand lane far too early.

As they approached the turn they noticed the red paint directly in front of them.

So they decided to crank the steering wheel HARD left, to put us back into the straight-thru lane for cars.

The problem – a car was directly beside us in the lane.

Surprisingly, or luckily, not really sure, I got to the steering wheel BEFORE we hit the car to our left.

HOOOOOOONNNNNKKKKKKKKK came from the very surprised left car!

DRIVER – WHAT LESSON WAS LEARNED? Paint is easier to drive across versus smashing into a 2000 kg steel car.

Instructor – what lesson was learned? Clients who repeatedly push/insist/demand to drive far above their skill level need to be referred to a different trainer. A crash, the huge interruption to business, and the stress are not worth the $160. Bounce the client.

I Have Evolved.

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Question: Why don’t other schools talk about close call incidents?

Answer: SHHHHHHH! Because it never happens to them! SHHHHHHH! They are perfect! It’s called marketing!


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