While learning to drive, for some, one of the toughest changes to adapt to is the importance of moving the car slow slow slow.

Stopping at a white stop line in preparation for jumping across a six-lane busy roadway fails miserably when you fail to move slow slow slow in the setup, before you go.

Learning to roll the car carefully across the sidewalks first, then slowing into the bike paths, into the parked car lanes, slowly with your foot on the brake as you increase your ability to see, and continue to yield prior to making the jump across the fast-moving six lanes, is a powerful combination of skills. Loving your brakes, slow slow slow. Rapid eye movement. Momentum Braking. And the biggest of them all is slow slow slow. This is a decision-making time – the gathering of information.

Many struggle because they have a rush, a hurry-up idea, and pressured thinking, from watching years of drivers commonly moving rapidly thru this very careful slow move. And if the car behind toots, well, you better have the slow slow slow skill well ingrained, or else.

175(1)Fail to yield after stop$1672

Entering through highway

175   (1) If a vehicle that is about to enter a through highway has stopped in compliance with section 186,

(a) the driver of the vehicle must yield the right of way to traffic that has entered the intersection on the through highway or is approaching so closely on it that it constitutes an immediate hazard, and

(b) having yielded, the driver may proceed with caution.

(2) If a vehicle is entering a through highway in compliance with subsection (1), traffic approaching the intersection on the highway must yield the right of way to the entering vehicle while it is proceeding into or across the highway.


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