lern to drive standard shift car 5 speed

Discover a valuable technique for mastering manual transmission driving – self-instruction! After years of assisting novice drivers with a 5-speed standard Volkswagen, I abandoned traditional teaching methods due to their inefficiency and stress-inducing nature. Instead, I stumbled upon a cost-effective and efficient method that anyone can undertake. Here’s how:

  1. Locate a spacious, empty parking lot.

  2. Bring along a legal co-pilot and arrive early in the morning.

  3. Walk through the entire lot to identify any potential hazards.

  4. Start the engine.

  5. Depress the clutch and cover the brake.

  6. Gradually release the clutch to initiate movement without touching the gas pedal.

  7. Navigate around the parking lot while maintaining a wide field of vision and ample space without using the gas pedal.

  8. Allow the car to move at its own pace, with your foot ready on the brake in case of any issues or the need to stop abruptly.

  9. Once comfortable with moving in first gear, progress to shifting into second gear by smoothly depressing the clutch and shifting, still without touching the gas pedal.

  10. Practice maneuvering in second gear, making turns and circles while keeping control of the car, relying solely on clutch control.

  11. Repeat the shifting process for third, fourth, and fifth gears, gradually increasing your comfort level with each shift without using the gas pedal.

  12. Practice shifting down through the gears, starting from fifth down to fourth, then to third, second, and finally to first gear, maintaining control without additional throttle.

  13. When coming to a stop, remember to press the clutch before fully halting to keep the engine running smoothly.

By following these steps and avoiding the use of the gas pedal, you can efficiently and confidently learn the intricacies of driving a manual transmission car without the need for expensive professional instruction.

lern to drive standard shift car 5 speed


Unnecessary Stopping – Moving when on the road is critical to keeping yourself and others in a safe space. Stopping needs to be off to the most right portion of the roadway, not in the middle of a moving lane, unless, of course, it’s at a red or during a turn or a pedestrian crosswalk requiring you to legally stop. Moving as if the flow is moving in your lane is the way to avoid this unnecessary stopping error. Green move as green and act like you are on the green. Stopping for no reason is not appropriate.


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