1. Watch the video and see how many hazards you can spot. On a road test you must say at least half the hazards on the road ahead of you.
  2. Read these selected pages from the Drivers Handbook.
  3. Read my conclusions below.

HAZARDS SECTION – Learn to Drive Smart


In fact, I believe the greatest hazard is YOU.

YOU are the one barrelling into the intersection passing close to two cars setting up their left turns. And yes these are the two closest cars to you, so wake up! A crash is when two cars are in the same place. Close is a hazard! HELLO!

You are the one driving into the intersection when the green has been green for a very long time, several blocks before we arrived.

You are the one calculating driving thru the intersection to arrive PERFECTLY lined up in front of that BIG truck approaching from the right! (Certainly hope he stops.) Hope exists when you have no FACTS! And when hope fails you there is always faith! No matter here comes the truck!

Hazards can be anything. Hence we must use our eyes vigilantly to ensure all directions around us are free and clear.

Intersections are a HUGE DANGER with over 60% of all collisions occurring there! So intersection is a hazard! HELLO!



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