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And why so many training schools avoid it.

Big Vision

Highway driving requires big vision or long vision. Looking way ahead of you to spot merging lanes and road signs help you set up in the proper route well forth of the changeover.

Highway also requires a smooth, relaxed grip on the wheel, ensuring nothing sudden gets translated into the car control at higher speeds, especially in icy conditions.

Additionally, careful foot management is essential to ensure precise braking and accelerating when needed, which is often required much more than most new drivers believe. Vital gas to move up to flow speeds and strong braking to accommodate merge changes or adjustments to another driver’s tight move.

Both highway training and downtown training improve a driver’s overall vision and cause a change across all movements adding more significant, faster eye movements and a stronger connection to the car controls.

Rarely do I see other driving schools on the highway. I am told it is too risky and consumes fuel, so why bother?

DEAR INSTRUCTORS: Want to explode your client’s interests and excitement and truly impact their driving skills? Try training downtown and on the highways. Need to feel more comfortable training in these areas? It’s time to invest in lifelong learning, classically called Professional Development.

A little about our lead instructor COOPER

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