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Toot – Beep Beep – Horn

Recently a past client was taking me for a tour around the city. They maneuvered my car up behind the front car, turning left at a green, just-turned-yellow light change. The front car was waiting before turning left, waiting for the head-on traffic and crossing pedestrians to clear or for the yellow light to appear.

As the green changed to yellow, we and the front car completed the left turn on the yellow light.

This client was fully licensed and kept their driving skills in top shape by calling me periodically to go for a tour.

Previous training for the driving test recommended only one car waiting in the intersection on the left turn green. 

When I asked what they were now training themselves to do, they answered me with this…

‘I am learning to drive by toot.’


Toot – Beep Beep – Horn


And yes, many things taught and required for a test can result in drivers tooting at you, which for many is embarrassing and causes stress. Here this driver is retraining themselves to learn to drive by toot or explicitly trying to learn to drive so other cars do not toot at them. We call this moving with the flow. My client called it…

‘I am learning to drive by toot.’

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