multiple faces and different eyes

And why so many training schools avoid it.

Fast Vision

Downtown is a perfect environment with endless signs, restrictions, painted road markings, confusing one-ways to two-ways, bike lanes, cars and trucks, all super close!

Downtown is a test to prove your eyes can move quickly and constantly, yet continue to control your car, follow the laws, and manage the continued chaos.

Downtown also demands one’s ability to move slowly and control for extended periods.

If you cannot control your slow movements and your vision and eye movements are not continuously fast, you cannot drive downtown.

Rarely do I see other driving schools downtown. I am told it is too risky, so why bother?

DEAR INSTRUCTORS: Got a client who is lazy with moving their eyes fast enough nor pays attention to all the markings and signs? GO DOWNTOWN!

Similarly, you find significant skill development in highway driving.


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