Driving School Tips seem to be in demand with many clients asking me for the secrets to passing. Sadly I revert back to your core good driving habits as the answer. But alas here a nice easy simple shallow list of tips.

  1. bring a car that is safe and everything on the car works
  2. driving school cars have dual brakes which may make the examiner feel safer especially if you have bad driving habits
  3. focus on driving not on the examiner scribbling on his paper
  4. breath and breath some more – it’s stressful so breath
  5. arrive early and prepare all your id early
  6. do not try and drive a way that you have NEVER DRIVEN BEFORE in your lifetime -this is not the time to invent your idea of what safe driving is. It’s A B.C. Driving Test, not an I-Invented-driving test!
  7. practice practice practice all the right, legal and safe driving moves lots long before the test day
  8. read the post AVERAGE DRIVER HABITS that will FAIL your DRIVING TEST
  9. listen to the final words the examine speaks and read every pen stroke on the paper at the end so that you understand what happened and exactly what you did well and not so well – you paid for it so LISTEN
  10. pass

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