I wake up. I stretch. My cat stretches. We both gasp walk to the balcony and admire the morning sun. Then comes coffee, an egg, feed the kitty, and grab the news before dressing and running to work.

Daily Life Habits, over time I do without thinking. We all know that we must discourage bad habits, by replacing the bad with good habits like good driving habits, or else we pay a terrible price with mistakes and big interruptions into our happy morning routine.

Eliminating BAD habits in my happy morning story includes all the unspoken GOOD habits I have built into my routine:

  • make my bed
  • close the balcony door
  • empty and rinse out the coffee machine
  • wash my morning dishes
  • seal the cat food container
  • lock the door behind me

What bad habits do you have built into your driving, unspoken, which will interrupt the successful passing of your driving test?

Best find out RIGHT NOW!


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