Seven driving school tips to pass that B.c. Driving Test.

Your drove for ten, twenty, forty hours with your friends and family. You tried the driving test and failed. WHY? Everyone said you were good. The problem is the bad driving habits of the average driver!

Do not do these common driver things:

  1. Roll stop signs
  2. Tailgate less than 2 seconds behind the ar ahead – most follow 3/4 second behind
  3. Drive over the posted speed limits – 1 km over is illegal – don’t do it however examiners allow a 10% variance
  4. Stop in traffic an arm’s length away from the car ahead bumper – stop at least 1/2 car length or with space to get out in an emergency
  5. Greenlight turns to yellow and friends say “You could have made it!”
  6. Rarely do blind spot checks because they say “I know no one is there.”
  7. Don’t signal don’t follow the rules of the road because “No one is around.”

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