“I’m not at ease when I drive, and it might be because I learned to drive in a smaller town compared to dealing with the busy traffic in Vancouver.”

An increasing number of clients are expressing this sentiment to me. Recently, I accompanied a newcomer to Vancouver on a ninety-minute drive, and these were their exact words after the trip:

“Yes, your discussion about my strong driving skills often overshadowing the foundational ones resonated with me. I’ve never heard any of my previous instructors explain it this way. Your choice of terminology is intriguing, and I agree with your overall assessment of my driving. You’ve accurately described the challenges I face and provided valuable insights on how to address my concerns and help me achieve my goal of driving calmly, which I’ve always dreamed of.

I suppose the extensive training required to become a road safety trainer does make a significant difference when compared to the relatively short three-plus weeks of training to become a driving instructor.”


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