Repairs run me on average $30 per day.

Fuel runs me on average $15 per day.

Insurance costs me $8.50 per day.

Parking costs me $4.00 per day.


All total per day cost me $57.50 to feed my car.


Annually to keep my car in top running shape it cost me $20,987.50. But remember this is a working car out there working every day, and being run by new drivers who can unknowingly be rough and abuse it sometimes. Plus is mainly city driving for the majority of the time which consumes more fuel and requires more frequent maintenance.

NOTE: Repairs are done promptly always and with the best quality materials. Some licensing fees related to operating a driving school are not included here, nor are any wages to the instructor’s time or work (that’s me!). And the cost to purchase the car is not included here. Oh and I forgot to include the $1 wash and $1 vacuum which I do weekly cause I like doing it myself. :):)


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