Northern Ontario with Snow halfway up the front door of my mom’s home. Every winter, we would travel to ski hills in the area and drive drive drive. In time I learned to love the snow and yet be very cautious of other drivers. News Headlines flood the TV with Ice and Snow, Causing 450 […]
Often partners of my new drivers suggest that it’s important to have a very high degree of skill with the car including the mechanics and how the car works. Modern cars are designed to make it easy to drive, minimal knowledge required. But once you hit the legal roads with signs rules laws bylaws and […]
A very good video showing several examples of tires losing traction on the roads. You cannot steer – you cannot stop! WHAT DO YOU DO? A wide variety of slippery surfaces from dry pavement to sheet ice. Watch how different vehicles handle the situation. In one instance you will see a truck with chains on […]
SO WHAT IS THE ANSWER TO KEEPING OUT OF TROUBLE IN THESE DIFFICULT SITUATIONS? ANSWER IS … Do not lose your grip on the road in any of the above situations! HOW DO I DO THIS? It’s winter. Your Car will slide. You will lose grip! The key is to lose grip in places where […]
“This is how we track all my client’s work. Detailed legal records, specific learning notes and endless visual sketching when needed. If you love paper, you will love Remarkable.” Cooper I also still use paper because old habits die hard. All client records are remarkable and viewable on all my devices – so convenient. Many […]
British Columbia Training Classroom Instructor Justice Institute of British Columbia Graduated License Program Driving Instructors License ICBC Airbrake Course BCDL #0384898 Commercial Professional Driver Development Program Class 4 Unrestricted License — Special Needs Bus HUB Cycling Instructor Certification Occupational First Aid Level 1 #009709 Driver Training School License DTC#: 2289 Ontario Safety League Driving Instructor […]
News & Latest Posts See what people are saying When I turned 16, my family quickly registered me for driving lessons. The instructors taught me maneuvers and how to pass the test, but they never focused on my mindset. Five years later, I took the learner driving test without confidence. The peer pressure and anxiety […]

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