A very good video showing several examples of tires losing traction on the roads.

You cannot steer – you cannot stop! WHAT DO YOU DO?

A wide variety of slippery surfaces from dry pavement to sheet ice. Watch how different vehicles handle the situation.

In one instance you will see a truck with chains on his back tire and still he slides.

There is a limit to controlling your 1500 kg steel cage.

Understanding momentum is critical in these moments. Speed is a huge component of momentum that must be understood to stay on the roads in these conditions.

Going with the momentum, going with the flow, must be understood to improve your chance of staying between the ditches.

Excellent video to learn from. Excellent.

Amazing to watch! Surprising to see cars in trouble even when they drive super slow! Learn WHY before you get into this situation. Better to also learn HOW long before this comes your way.

Excellent Skid Examples


  • momentum
  • gravity
  • traction
  • braking skid
  • power skid
  • Steering with the momentum
  • steering against the momentum
  • limits and when to stay home
  • four-wheel drives versus rear-wheel driver versus front-wheel drives
  • fishtailing
  • all-wheel drift
  • wheels on snow, in deeper snow, on packed snow, down to the pavement, off travelled portion o the roadways
  • chains rules laws limits weather forecasts
  • hills and corners and momentum
  • when braking helps
  • when braking harms
  • staying out of this kind of trouble

The most critical things to learn is knowing WHERE you never want this kind of NO TRACTION or SKID to occur.


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