EXPERIENCED DRIVER thinks that there is Lots of Space to gently go back into traffic.

NEW DRIVER thinks we are Wrong and immediately Panics thinking, How fast can I get out of here before everyone honks at me?


We moved right to set up a right turn on our driving lesson. As we moved through the green light into the new road, bang, a huge sign blocks the road stating ROAD CLOSED. Sadly there was no warning prior to the corner. We stopped. We were stuck in the intersection front wheels on the new crosswalk directing in front of the ROAD CLOSED sign. Busy traffic behind us on the green continuing straight.


This one situation taught me how different I think as the EXPERIENCED DRIVER compared to the NEW DRIVER. I see a huge wide open space. The new driver sees a half dozen broken laws.


As the experienced driver I see a wide open intersection with a ton of room to simply move thru the intersection back in front of the huge double lines of traffic, away from the CLOSED ROAD.

Lots of space to go back into traffic.


The new driver sees things very differently. First, they see panic. Then they see we are stopped on a crosswalk, a wrong in their mind. Next, we are stopped at an intersection with nowhere to go. Another wrong. Third, they hear me say let’s leave and they see we’re moving back into the big center of the intersection, another wrong. We move to the far side crosswalk, thru traffic light on a very unorthodox pathway – more fear. They see the red painted bus restriction – wrong again! And what about the two lanes of busy traffic? Us entering from the far right lanes is illegal!

Lots of space to be wrong.

Welcome to another exciting Vancouver Driving Lesson. Never a dull moment when learning to drive in this exciting province.



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