Oops is part of driving. Actually, it’s a big part of driving as it is a big part of life.

This is very obvious however how do you deal with it when you step into your car?

Conflict Avoidance is the ultimate strategy here.

Conflict Avoidance is the ultimate strategy here.

Do everything possible to avoid all and any conflicts regardless of who is right and who is wrong.

In fact, the law supports this idea with rules such as, even when a pedestrian is illegally crossing in the middle of the block, a driver must take every precaution to keep the pedestrian safe including using the horn to give a warning if needed.

And when making a left turn the left turner must not interfere with the opposing green traffic, must not force them to slow down because they have a green going straight and you are turning hence you must yield the right of way to them. However, the law also states that the opposing vehicle must not enter an intersection if its unsafe to do so, must also yield to any vehicle that is in the action of completing their left turn, and drivers must maintain control and be safe at all times regardless of the actions of others.

So mistakes are part of this driving activity and giving way is also an important skill to use as we all make mistakes.

So please open your eyes and give way where needed!

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