Passing an ICBC driving test in both class 5 and class 7 requires a strong vision, great space management and not making a FAIL mistake.

Many times a week, we run 8-minute fake tests where we go silent and score our clients driving, simulating a real driver’s test.

If you pass three of my 8-minute simulations, I say you are ready to attempt your driving test.

This exercise is a great way for you to focus on avoiding these failed actions.

Here are the top fails this week:

  1. 24 km/h in a back alley, 20km/h maximum speed limit. INSTANT FAIL.
  2. 20 km/h in a 30 km/h zone wide open, no parked cars, no other issues to warrant a slow speed. INSTANT FAIL.
  3. Rolled a stop sign. INSTANT FAIL.
  4. Turned right into the wrong lane. INSTANT FAIL.
  5. Fail to yield to pedestrians in a crosswalk. INSTANT FAIL.
  6. Missed a blind spot check on a right turn where a biker was in that zone. Dangerous Actions. INSTANT FAIL.
  7. Failed to yield to another vehicle on a lane change. Slowed the rear car down. INSTANT FAIL.
  8. Failed to yield to another vehicle on the main road as we entered from a stop sign. Slowed down the vehicle, we should have yielded to. INSTANT FAIL.
  9. Dropped both hands off the steering wheel. INSTANT FAIL.
  10. Drove away with the parking brake on. INSTANT FAIL.
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