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Of all the five key skills your test demands I would say this is the most critical, the basic, the core skill that everything else builds onto.

Your eyes.


Considered by near everyone to be simple, I open my eyes I see, but in fact, vision is hugely complex.

For instance, you do believe that you see absolutely clear and fully and as well, that you have complete control over your vision, right!

So try this… Open your eyes and DONT SEE!

If you are in control of your vision, open your eyes but do not allow the images to enter your brain.

You can’t.

Vision is either on or off. Open or shut.

So then, are you really in control of your vision?

And from here it only gets more complex.

You have two eyes both of which see the same images from a very slightly different angle.

So what does your brain receive?

Your left image? A man and a small boy on a rainy day.

Your right image? A man on a rainy day. The boy is not clear enough to see.

Or both images?

And if the left image comes in at 120 dpi, super clear.

And the right image comes in at 30 dpi grainy and unclear, ‘what does your brain present to you?

You may be shocked to learn the TRUE answer here…


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