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Many clients struggle to achieve 100% performance, being totally on top of all the components of driving safely. Laws, car positioning and managing other road users must be balanced and fit together into one smooth, calculated, sure-footed motion, ready for anything that comes, including a driver’s test.

Dropping fundamental skills routinely appears as a client ascends to this 100% position. Many get discouraged as they struggle to close in on the final 5% and 10% of accuracy.

Forgot to stop entirely

Forgot a blind spot.

Missed a green or red light. 

“I can’t believe I just did that!.”

I know that clients often present shocking and silly moves surprising themselves while climbing to that 100% position in the final moments before reaching that AHA MOMENT into that last “I GOT THIS.” 

I am not surprised anymore because I see this so often. Forgive yourself and continue through these final stumbles because that 100% is just around the corner.

Do you think this dropping of core fundamentals occurs in all learning environments?

Is this a known trend as we move into more complex?

Or is it hidden in other content learnings?

Maybe these driving environment demands are so critical that any dropped element immediately becomes apparent to an observer.

Welcome to that climb to 100%.

Welcome to your independent ability to drive!


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