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A previous post Unlearn in Order to Learn presented the belief that many clients tell me. When we go into reverse R the back wheels steer, right? NOPE. Only the front wheels steer however there are some strange vehicles around the world that do in fact do this.

Having this idea in your head often creates great confusion because its absolutely not true.

Only the front wheels steer. OK!

unlearn to learn

Steering when the car is stopped is bad for the steering mechanics and is hurting the car.


I have owned dozens of driving school cars that work every day and dry steer constantly with new cleints. I have never had an issue with steering or ball joints of power steering issues in all my years. Maybe decades past this was an issue but not in my lifetime.

Learning this before you come work with me really does cause a problem with the fine car control needed for moving slowly setting up turns in business pedestrian and bike populated intersections. Clients refuse to steer because the car is not moving – forcing us to move with gas, speeding everything up, and stressing out the gentle, calm, precision needed to set your wheels and the cars positioning up amoungst congester road users. Steering, feet and eyes must learn to work indpendent of each other.

STEER THE WHEEL is ok, then move the car is ok.

Forcing a new driver to think that they always need to GAS in order to STEER causes uneeded stress and chaos.

Come learn to drive. Come overcome your fears and the beleifs that are stopping you. In fact many of my clients fears are based on a strong view on the true dangers which frees them to learn how to defend themselves properly. Learn why the laws are setup the way they are and what the carsh research side of driving can teach you to keep yourself safe.

The best time to learn to drive is TODAY, or ten years ago!



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