I drove about 5 or 6 hours with my dad, so I think I am ok to drive your car immediately.

We turn left from a stop sign into a busy city street. Crossing traffic has no stop signs.

We immediately leave the stop position turn left into the head-on lane, unable to see any oncoming traffic because the parked cars blinded the view; plus, we accelerated quickly from the stop line way back with no time to effectively scan for right-of-way cars.

A great display of someone moving the car with no idea of how to do it safely. And with no concern for the danger, they are producing.

WOW! I was surprised. Not surprised by the movements, for this often occurs with many new drivers. Actually, I find the error parts entertaining! The part that was a surprise was the ‘no concern at all!”

The next left is at a busy traffic light; we face the green with a big city bus head-on, plus seven pedestrians in the crossway directly in front of our left turn path.

Without hesitation, we turned directly in front of the bus and fit perfectly between the pedestrians in one of the three lanes on our half of the road.

Within three minutes, this driver had broken a dozen laws and moved with an apparent misunderstanding of the green right of way and the red stopping laws.

And sixty minutes into the drive, they ask me…

So you think we can book a test within the next two or three days and get my license?

This is the fifth client in the past six weeks with a handful of driving hours under their belt and expecting to get their driving license immediately.

The dangerous driving did not upset me, for I am trained very well and can keep us safe no matter where the driver places the car.

But these highly unreasonable expectations that multiple clients have asked me in the last few weeks are unbelievable.

What’s going on here?

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