None of our clients wait.

We prepare everyone to get ready to pass the test.

Once ready, we grab a cancellation and away we go.

I can tell you dozens of examples of this working since the covid times.

Take a fella who called me March 1.


Hey, Cooper I have a test in Squamish on March 11. Can you help me?”

It was set for 3:30 on a Friday. Image driving way up to Squamish on that highway on a march break time of year! On a Friday! No way I thought, but yes I said, I can help you.

March 2 we go out for a drive.

Apparently, he had called many other driving schools, all were booked and could not help him.

I finally gave him the bad news. I was not going to go all the way to Squamish for his test.

He gasps in shock!

“Dam it. I booked this test 5 months ago. I need my license for a job. I’ve been waiting for this day. What am I going to do!”

Trust me.

March 7th he passed his class 5 test in North Vancouver.

A very happy fella.

Don Smeal 9Mar2022 11 hours ago

Cooper will get you the driver’s license because he works on you and why you are failing the road tests. He did the impossible what I thought. He took the fears away and the examiner was amazed at how much I paid attention to detail and perfect my test results ended up The answer is Cooper!!

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