In Ontario’s Highway Traffic Act has the right of way is mentioned once.


In British Columbia’s Motor Vehicle Act has the right of way is mentioned 7 times.


However in both places, has the right of way is only mentioned in relation to pedestrians crossing the road at intersections, or lights, or pedestrian crossings.

Yield the right of wayis mentioned many times.

Yield the right of way is mentioned many times.

So when I hear “I have the right of way” regularly from drivers I realize that they have not read the rule book for this game called driving. Interesting. Is this how most of us play games? Never reading the rule book? How many of us have never even seen this rule book for driving? And of all the games we play, should not this one be of utmost importance given the fact that an average of 3500 people worldwide dies every day from traffic accidents?

And surprisingly this LEARN TO DRIVE SMART is not the rule book! Go to page 4 and read this

So when the entire system is set up to stay back and be aware of others to ensure that they do, in fact, YIELD the right of way, is that not a more proactive cautious approach! As compared to GO GO GO! I can GO because I am in the RIGHT, I have the GREEN!


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